Grabbing the box and tucking it under my arm I found my way to the checkout line. Smiling at the clerk I noticed her eyeing my jeans. “Those are nice jeans” she said

Leaning in, she bravely attempted to finish her sentence with a secret whisper “Ma’am, the label is still on the backside of your jeans”


I had been walking around the Mall with a size twelve flashing off my hips and thighs like a NEON sign for all the world to see?  Worse yet, I had been sporting that label all over town and no one said a word !! Come on people, give a girl some help!!

This was a reflection of my life! I had been walking through the past and the present oblivious of the labels I wore. Those labels that had defined me since childhood.

 Fearful. Anxious. Uneducated. Not good enough.

Today, I choose to tear off the labels the world has placed on me! I choose to grab hold of my TRUE identity!  Daughter of the King of Kings!  Educated by the Master of masters! Courageously BOLD and unafraid, like the Princess Warrior I was created to be!

Not because of anything I had ever done BUT because of WHO my Father was and what He had done for me!

Today I claim my birth right!  Today I claim my TRUE Identity and leave the lies behind!   If we believe Jesus is God and receive him as our King and Lord, then we no longer need to wear the labels, only the CROWN!

LOOK up child, you are ROYALTY. Walk as such!