Anxiety is a close cousin to fear and I’ve struggled with it most my life!
Anxiety, you know that feeling that starts in the pit of your stomach and stops in the middle of your throat, all because someone you trust, and love says some things about you that hold a bit of truth?

The problem with me is I tend to take that little bit of truth and wrap it in a million lies until I’m choking on them until I must swallow hard to keep the tears from erupting like a violent volcano spewing out toxic lava!! I know you have felt it too! Those hot, smothering tears that take the pressure off your soul but often leave you feeling ashamed, pushing you into a silence that will lay dormant until the next eruption happens! What is it about that one bit of truth that holds so much power over me? What if I chose to believe the truth? The truth that I’m loved unconditionally,. That I am secure in that love and that nothing can take that love and security from me!

How would I live my life?