“Remember honey, you are not an island unto yourself”

Sitting at the breakfast table I repeat the same silly phrase I’ve tried to pound into his hard head for over forty years.

Then as if on cue my husband sings a couple lines from the familiar Simon & Garfunkel song.

“I am a rock, I am an Island”

We laugh & smile knowingly at each other.

My husband is an Enneagram 8. If you know anything about Enneagram eights you know that they are the challengers. Intense, confrontational and strong! They will do anything to avoid feeling weak or vulnerable.

I on the other hand am a cross between a Enneagram 2 and a 4. The test was confusing to me. I scored about the same in each category, Helper and Romantic, but on THAT day it all made sense to me.

I am creative, sensitive and often emotional, depending on who i’m around. I am also a people pleaser to the max! That’s the Enneagram 2 in me. I have a strong desire to be loved and needed, never rejected.

Because of those desires I would NEVER choose to live on an Island by myself!

I want my Island people around. They give me energy and strength. I want to tap my toe to the music while sharing stories with my friends. I want my husband to dance with me on floors put together with his callused hands. I want to hold my grandchildren tight while reading their favorite bedtime stories.

My world revolves around humanity!

But that is not my reality as I sit in my quiet house asking myself questions l’ve never asked before.

Should I listen to music alone? Where should I walk, alone? What should I eat, alone? It’s lonely being alone. Even when there are three of us in the same space, I am alone.

Then I remember that I am NOT alone. I might feel like I’m alone but I am NOT.

God is always with me. He is calling me unto Himself.

HE wants to be the music I hear in my head.

HE wants to dance ALL the dances with me.

HE doesn’t want to hear part of my storY He wants to hear it all! He wants to be MY story!

God is calling me to be contentment, to sit with Him on the Island unto HIMSELF!

Friend, are you feeling lonely today? Do you need to talk to someone? God is with you. He will never leave you or REJECT you. His love is unconditional.

Grab hold of his hand and dance to the music of today. He is your ROCK. He is your Island!