The mistakes of your past will forever define your future. Is this the lie you believe?

You will never lead only follow! This lie has screamed in my head for years. You will only be a helper, a companion to those who are TRUE leaders!

I have constantly passed the staff of leadership back to everyone else. Why? Because I’ve believed a LIE! The lie that told me the mistakes of my past would forever define my future. The lie that played on repeat in the background of my mind.

Have you been there my friend?

Today, I stand up against that lie and many others. I stretch out my staff like Moses did and receive the TRUTH. The truth that says, you will NOT STAY in the wilderness of the past. You WILL push forward into the Promised Land. I WILL be an Aaron. I will march towards the land of fruit and honey. I WILL enter into it with the power of Gods Word hidden in my heart, my name written on His outstretched hands. This is what I’ve been called to do. This is what the enemy has stolen from me.

No more! Jesus came to destroy the lies. I refuse to live in the bondage of Egypt.

I choose to step into the Promise land with confidence and courage. I will look myself in the eye and say “You ARE a leader, you WILL lead.”

No longer will I pass the staff to everyone else. I will STAND in my rightful place.

What about you my friend? What lies are you believing? Will you stand in your rightful place? Will you choose to believe what God says about you?