These are uncertain times we are living in. Fear has gripped our minds and all we can see is the dark.

Darkness has chased me from childhood to adulthood like a spooky shadow ready to pounce the minute I let down my guard. Maybe that’s why I have always run from it!

When situations that feel dark sneak up on me or hit me from out of nowhere like this awful Coronavirus, I want to protect myself. I want to run when I should probably stay, letting my eyes adjust long enough to hear and see the truth that sings out in the dark.

We have a cabin (trailer) in the mountains where I like to go with my family and friends. At night if I can muster up enough courage to sit outside, I can see things my eyes will never see in the brightness of day. As we let the campfire die down, my gaze meets up with a billion little stars that speak life into my soul. Turning my head in the direction of the moon, I catch a glimpse of circling bats flying across the sky, eager to catch their midnight snack. Listening intently, I begin to hear the howls of mama wolves, calling to their young and the soothing chirps of the crickets calling me to a place of silent calm. These are the sounds of the night. Not scary at all, when you know the Artist who made them.

The Artist is the Creator and He existed alongside the dark even before the light was created. You can trust Him! He brings light to our eyes and healing to our souls.
Today as you navigate the sadness that often comes with these dark days remember, you are not forgotten, the God of the Universe, the One who is there in that darkness, knows your names and loves you!

Praying for all of you!