Anxiety, it makes you hurry or it stops you dead in your tracks!

The All or Nothing monster has chased me for most of my life.

“You need to slow down” a friend would say.

“Stop sitting around and sulking” my mama would scold.

One minute I would trip over my words and the next be paralyzed with fear.

WHY? Because anxiety never waits and fear never leaves!

My friend, you are MORE than what the A.O.N. Monster wants you to believe. You don’t have to run and you don’t have to hide.

You can be YOU and I can be ME! It’s the way we were created to be!  NO FEAR only LOVE.

Don’t let the All or Nothing Monster chase you. STOP, turn around, LOOK him dead in the eye and say

“Oh, No You Don’t!”

I am GOD’S child!  I am BRAVE!!

I WILL  walk in freedom, not in FEAR!