Feeling the warmth of my cozy blanket. I sit in silence, listening to the voice of my Father.

“Don’t get too comfortable” I hear Him whisper. “This is not your true home.”

I was the youngest daughter, in a ministry family. My dad was a pastor. One thing ministry families do a lot is move, and we moved a lot!

I hated it!

Just as I began making friends, which was not an easy task for this shy, introverted girl, my dad would feel the call to move.

It was hard. Especially for a girl who likes putting her roots down. I don’t like the unknown. Ask my adult children.

After my first child was born, I made my husband promise, we would stay in one home, at least until all our children were out of school.

Aside from a brief stay in a small town in Joseph City, Arizona (you can imagine how boring that was for a city girl) we have lived in the same neighborhood for over forty years!

Now that’s keeping your promise! Thanks honey.

But my hubby has always had a dream. A dream to live in wide open spaces, under clean unpolluted skies.

He is a country boy at heart. My own handsome cowboy!

I, on the other hand, have always been a city girl. And because of that, I have fought his dream for years.

“It’s too far away from people. The wind blows too much. I hate driving dirt roads.”

You name it, I’ve said it.

Every excuse in the book, given to the man whose dreams NEVER die.

So, being a good wife, I decided to compromise. We settled on a one ace lot in beautiful Clear Creek Pines. Tall green pine trees. Blue skies, along with cooler weather during the hot summer month, now that’s something I could live with.

“Only for short vacations ” I would say.

I needed to feel secure, moving caused anxiety. I wanted to be close to the people I loved. I wanted to have the conveniences city life offered.

To be honest, I was afraid of change!

Today, almost forty-two years after saying “I do” to this wonderful man of mine, the one with so many dreams in his head, we finally made the ultimate plunge as “land owners”

Forty acres of wide open prairie land in Snowflake, Arizonia. Big sky. Miles of dirt roads. Far far away from people. In fact about three hundred miles from my three adult children and my five precious grandchildren.

Did I mention the wind? It blows all the time!