Feeling the warmth of the fireplace on my face, I sit listening to the clanging of wind chimes on the front porch. A sign of the storm that is to come. I listen as the chirping of the birds turn into the faint cry of an unborn child waiting, clinging to life in his mother’s womb and a child who has already surrendered his life to the Creator.

Two precious little boys created in the image of the Almighty for His purpose alone.

Two young mothers related by blood, connected by grief, each surrounded by their own painful questions…waiting, not knowing what lies ahead and struggling to understand.

Two sisters slowing releasing our daughters to the hands of the One who has shown Himself faithful yet is such a mystery to us all.

Today in the midst of it I am sinking, trying to find answers to questions that might never be revealed. Slowly giving in to the waves of tears as they begin to release the toxins poisoning my thoughts. I scream out to a Father that COULD heal and chooses NOT TO. A Savior who overcame the grave and yet allows the ripping and tearing of my own flesh and bones. It is a painful time.

I listen as early morning fades into the busyness of the day. I see piles of laundry shouting out, “It’s a messy, dirty world!”  I hear the irritating noises of animals demanding to be fed and dishes that haven’t been cleaned in days and I am reminded that…

Life will not wait even when death is crying out for a moment of its time.

Quietly, I begin to listen to His voice and He whispers to my bleeding heart saying the words I cling to with my life.

“Wait my child, hope, believe… I am not finished here, all is not lost. My power shines brightly in the middle of pain!”

I open my hand and lift it to the dark sky. Only then does the assurance and peace come. It peeks through the clouds like a warm ray of sunshine turning my eyes from my circumstances to His Holy face. On this day, when the storm WILL come, no matter how hard I try to avoid it, I am wrapped in His comforting arms.

For you see, He has shown Himself trustworthy and I will choose to live under His sovereign hand no matter what people think, knowing that He will reveal His plan in His time.

My reasonable response is to PRAISE HIM, for in the end, every tear will be wiped away!