For years I struggled in my marriage! I felt like my husbands’ job took priority over me. I wanted to connect on a deep emotional and spiritual level. I wanted to do ministry together! I often felt rejected and invisible, hopelessly sad, putting a fake smile on the outside but broken on the inside! It wasn’t until my marriage completely fell apart and I chose to run away did I realize that my husband was not made to meet ALL my needs! God WAS!

God was my first husband! As my friend Kathe Wunnenberg says in her book Hopelifter: Creative Ways To Spread Hope When Life Hurts “In The midst of any marriage struggle is God, your First husband, who loves and never leaves”

So, ladies, whether you are married, divorced, or single, man was never made to take the place of your First husband! He is the lover of your soul, your true provider and protector! He is slow to anger and always there when you need to talk, and boy do we need to talk!!

Isaiah 54:5

“ For your maker is your Husband- the Lord Almighty is his name- the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; He is called the God of all the earth.”