“They’ve clipped my wings”

I chuckled as I read those words. A letter sent by my dear mama to a close friend. “They won’t let me drive on the freeway anymore” she continued “But I am managing and still enjoying life!”

As daughters of an aging mother, it was our job to protect her from herself. After a few near misses, we were convinced that our mother’s reflexes were slowing down. Together we had made the decision that for her sake as well as others we needed to “clip her wings” as she put it. It was not easy but my mother was a gracious woman and surrendered to our will for her.

So many times God has had to “clip my wings” Times when I wasn’t as gracious as my mama. Times when I stomped my feet and said I wanted to fly by myself, I didn’t need His help!

Today as I reflect on the painful “wing clipping” times, I see the hand of God. I see His provision.

I hear His gentle voice. The voice that says “It’s for your own good my little one. You will soar one day but only as you allow me to carry you. Only as you surrender your will to mine. Only then will you truly FLY!!

I want to fly, fully surrendered to His will, knowing that He will take me higher than I could ever fly myself!