So much of my life has been spent in a box. You should look like this, sound like that, talk like this. I believe the box is the enemy’s greatest weapon. If he can keep us locked in it, we will be his prisoners for life. Never doing anything great for the Kingdom. Living half a life if that.

I have found that to open a door that is locked you need a sharp tool. Bolt cutters might work!

The Word of God is my bolt cutter, sharper than any two edged sword. As I read it, it quickens my mind and cuts through the chains that bind, freeing me to open any door God has made visible. His Word lights the way as I step out in faith. At times I want to run back to that altar of self. I grab hold of the chains of doubt and fear, they feel strangely comfortable.

I have seen invisible doors throughout my spiritual journey. Sometimes bigger and bolder than the box itself sometimes so small they can barely be seen, but always there, waiting, just waiting. It has been my fear that has kept me from opening them. Will it be the right door? What if I trip and fall on the path ahead? So many fears and so many wasted years allowing those fears to rob me of great adventures. Adventures that only come from opening doors.

Doors of opportunity. Learning that only comes from falling and getting back up again.

Failure is not your enemy the box is. Failure is your chance to try another door. To start again.

Today, take a risk, open a door, step through. With the wisdom of the Word in you, before you, behind you and beside you, life will never be the same.

Adventure is the life we have been called to.

Let’s start opening box doors not closing them!

Let’s start living the life we were meant to live!!