I had been sitting in that box I created, tightly bound with chains of guilt and shame, for what seemed like a lifetime. Fear, anxiety and doubt strapped me to the altar of self. My own thoughts were constantly running on repeat through my head. I was paralyzed. Unable to move, unable to reach, unable to leave.

Slowly I began to reach out turning my face to the unknowns to the invisible doors hidden from view by the enemy of my soul. Closing my eyes I allowed the brightness to surge forth, to shine its light and draw me in. I heard a steady calming voice calling me out.

“Beloved, cherished daughter, come, I am with you always”

I longed to breathe in the oxygen beyond the door beyond myself. I opened my hands to His promise the one that gives life not death. I stepped beyond my fears through the invisible door.

Lifting my head I felt a hand caressing my face with gentleness.

“Welcome my child”

His eyes were full of compassion drawing me in further and further, willing to guide me, leading me to a place of complete surrender.

 The voice calls once more.

“Your struggle is not against flesh but against the one who spit in my face. Against the who called me a liar. Who wants to destroy you.”

My torn and tattered robes begin falling to the ground. I am weak, struggling to cloth myself, Tilting my head my eyes meet His.

“Put on the armor my bride, I promise it will not weigh you down”

I receive the belt of truth that will keep me from stumbling, then the breastplate that brings with it righteousness. He washes my dirty feet preparing them for shoes of peace.

His power rushes through my body. I reach down taking hold of the shield of faith. I am confident the enemy of my soul will not be able to penetrate my mind once the shield is up.

I place the helmet of salvation on my head, the sword of the spirit in my hand. I am complete.

Ready to walk the path I have chosen, ready to leave the box towards the adventure He has given me.

Lord help me to see the invisible doors in my box today. I will receive your armor with which I can do all things. Amen